Things people told me before I had a kid…

When people find out you’re having a kid, they completely open the floodgates to unsolicited advice which includes all kinds of terrifyingly graphic advice regarding the delivery of your baby and then advice all about the parenting that needs to happen after said delivery. Honestly, it was way too much information – and while I’m […]

Don’t Stop Believing: There are work pants that actually feel like sweatpants.

Work bathroom selfies – if you don’t take them – did you even ACTUALLY go to work? I’m no fashion expert but since having my baby over a year ago – I’ve really come to appreciate pieces that (a) hide any kinda pooch (b) go with anything and (c) feel like yoga pants. So on […]

Why is it so hard to make new “mom” friends? Beth waxes poetic.

Maybe I’d have more friends if I had the adult version of this pink snowsuit. (Baby Beth) Oh hey! I’ve decided to start up this blog again and also – surprise, I’m a mom now. It’s been a busy few years! My daughter is 13 months old. One of the things that has surprised me […]

Mindy Kaling gets me (or at least one of the writers of her show does)

I don’t think I can post a picture from the Mindy Project so let’s instead gawk at this awkward staged fight… Image via GraphicStock In my formative teen years, I was a slave to the CW. In fact, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, my idol, dealt with plenty of devastating breakups over the years. I found […]

Question of the Month: Why do we constantly have to feel like we are moving forward?

Image via Death to the Stock Photo It’s occurred to me recently that I have a very hard time enjoying the present. It wasn’t exactly easy to enjoy the present as it was in late 2015 and early 2016 so I’ll cut myself a break on those. During that time, I convinced myself to focus […]

A pretty bad year – What worked (and didn’t work) for me in 2016

(Picture c/o Death to the Stock Photo) My marriage fell apart toward the end of 2015. 2016 was spent picking up the pieces of my life and putting myself back together. Like many people in my generation, the first thing I googled in the first months of the marriage-ending chaos was “surviving divorce.” I couldn’t […]