See ya never, 2010s…

Well, here we are, only a few weeks left to go in the 2010s and I can’t stop reflecting on what a WILD ride this decade was. I’m a little scared by how I can still actually remember exactly how I felt heading off to Indiana for law school in August 2010… it feels both like it was just yesterday and forever ago.


The above pic was taken in July 2010 – pre-law skool Beth and the late Buffles Quill.

Some of the highlights of this decade included:

  • Starting off the decade with an EPIC Euro-trip with my friend Pam after leaving my first post-college job.
  • FINALLY becoming a dog mom on day 3 or 4 of law school (not the smartest decision but still one of the BEST decisions).
  • Making some of my current best friends at law skool. I guess the skool part was ok too.
  • Graduating law school, passing the bar and becoming a pseudo attorney.
  • Moving to DC and getting my first post-law school jerb (and picking up a few more friends there)
  • DIVORCE #1
  • Watching my sister get married and getting the kewlest B-I-L who was game to eat all the gluten and then join me for a gym class!
  • My cuz moved to DC to join the crew when she graduated.
  • Got married to a dude from high school (I can’t stress enough how the opposite of this was one of my original lifetime tenets).
  • Had a baby with a dude from my high school (see above – it’s the same dude, thank god).  This baby is pretty freaking great.
  • I became an AUNTIE!
  • Took a leap of faith and left a job that wasn’t a good fit for me anymore…

Some of this was in my “ten year plan” and obviously, some of it wasn’t.

As I’m growing, I’m learning to trust my instincts. It’s okay to try something and fail (even a marriage). It’s okay to let a toxic friendship die. I only have so much free time now and I don’t want to waste it on people/things that aren’t right for me.

Finally, as I close this post, I’d like to publicly acknowledge that in September 2010, I asked Rex to come visit me at law school. He was, unfortunately, “too busy” with his super cool job at KPMG so I’ll let you make your own conclusion as to whether or not some of the less fun events of my decade could have been avoided.

75231883_10120777404162394_5936500321902657536_n November 2019. The fam.

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