Quick Update

What a day! Just wanted to pop in for my one free minute before bed and update you on the challenge I started the other day. Welllllll… the second day was clean the entry way which is a total cop out because we barely have one. I didn’t get to do anything today so I’ll be one day behind. Maybe even with pictures? Who knows.

Talk soon.


Challenge Overload


You guys… is it just me or do I see at least 10 new challenges in my blog feed each day? The 21 day squat challenge… the 10 day clean eating challenge… the 30 day meditation challenge. For some reason the word challenge draws me in no matter what. I’m always like YES I can do this challenge even though I have never meditated successfully for a day in my life.

This weekend I decided to turn over a new leaf when I came across this challenge… it’s a challenge focused on keeping the things you actually use and like and clearing yourself of clutter.

Yesterday, I accomplished Day #1. Now, because I like to sell my clothes for cash, I’m pretty good about cleaning out my closet a couple of time a year. But there’s one pile of clothes that I haven’t been able to make myself go through for at least a year or so… my jeans.

When I first got to law school and I was running 6 miles a day and hadn’t discovered the joys of squats or weightlifting, I definitely fit into smaller jeans. Five years later, I’m married and I honestly don’t think that extra size is going away any time soon. Instead of having a fit, feeling bad for myself and generally ruining my day. I finally placed several pairs of these jeans into my sell pile. You know what, I’d rather have jeans in the bigger size that fit and look perfect than squeeze into those old jeans and feel self like crap all day.

Is this growing up? Do you have any additional challenges to recommend to me? I’ll be sure to report on day #2 later on.

Happy Labor Day!


Where my She Shed at?

Have you heard about this new trend countering the Man Cave? It’s called a She Shed and I want one ASAP.

Things I would use my She Shed for:

  • Reading
  • Hiding
  • Working (minimal but I guess if I HAVE to work from home sometimes)
  • Writing my unwritten novel
  • Stuffing my face with all the things I don’t want my husband to know that I eat
  • Netflix binges of my favorite shows that my husband doesn’t want to watch (AHEM… Game of Thrones, Mistresses, etc.)
  • Can I just move all my things out into my nonexistent She Shed?

Here are two of my faves:

This craftsman-style She Shed makes its intentions clear with a large "R'n'R" sign out front.

Source:  Instagram user nickyovitt

OK, we may want to live in this plant-covered She Shed full time.

Source: Instagram user gcvirginia

That was fun. I’ll be here at work doing all the Tuesday things now.


Computer Angst

I’m sure you’ve all experienced your own pains with Word or other programs. For about two years now, I’ve been working on healthcare policy and focusing on Electronic Health Records. The acronym for this is EHR. My daily struggle is Word changing this to HER. I haven’t actually taken the time to prevent this from happening either and want to smash the computer 99% of the time.

This is mostly for my later reference when I come to my senses and want to fix this issue but here’s a link for troubleshooting this issue.

Have a kick ass weekend. Don’t punch any computers.